Legislative Issues and Projects

IDS follows a number of issues on behalf of its members each year . . .  Here is a listing of the current issues and projects.

Bills and other Legislative Issues

2015 Legislative Session

  • SB 455 - Biosimilars substitution (supported by IDS)
    • Provides that a pharmacist may substitute an interchangeable biological product for a prescribed biological product only if certain conditions listed are met.  This bill implements guidelines on how biosimilars can be substituted in the state of Illinois that includes safeguards for providers and patients.
    • Approved - Signed by the Governor on July 30, 2015.  Goes into effect January 1, 2016.  Public Act 99-0200
  • HB 3549 - Step Therapy Regulation (supported by IDS)
    • Amends the Managed Care Reform and Patient Rights Act to sets clinical review criteria that must be used to establish step therapy protocols, among other provisions.
    • Passed the House with amendments. Currently pending in the Senate.
    • View a story that was aired by WCIA-TV (Champaign) which features dermatologist Dr. Steven Stone.
    • Talking points concerning HB 3549 (March 2015)
    • Legislator Fact Sheet supporting HB 3549 (March 2015)
  • SB 661 - Hepatitis C Screening (opposed by IDS)
    • Would have required every individual born between the years of 1945 and 1965 who receives health services from a hospital or who receives primary care services in hospital or from a primary care provider be offered a hepatitis C screening test.
    • Vetoed by the Governor on 8/21/2015
  • HB 3209 - Anatomic Pathology Billing Regulations
    • This is a complicated issue involving rules pertaining to how patient billing is handled for anatomic pathology services, including in labs owned by hospitals and/or physicians.  The General Assembly passed a bill on this subject last year which was opposed by IDS.  There have been ongoing discussions concerning this issue throughout 2015 involving IDS, the Illinois State Medical Society and others.
    • Read Governor Rauner's veto message.

2014 Legislative Session

2013 Legislative Session

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