About the IDS

The Illinois Dermatological Society is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation organized under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.  It is managed by a board of directors and is dedicated
 to supporting efforts to maintain and improve the quality and availability of skin health and treatment of dermatological diseases through public education and advocacy.

View the IDS bylaws (amended February 2017)

Structure of the Board

Office Length Term Notes
President 2 years Calendar year May be re-elected
Vice President 2 years Calendar year May be re-elected
Secretary-Treasurer 2 years Calendar year

May be re-elected

At-large directors (3) 3 years Calendar year May be re-elected
Staggered terms
Resident delegate (optional) 1 year Academic year Appointed by the BOD


Standing Committees

  • Executive Committee:  President (chair); Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Immediate Past-president, Executive Director (non-voting)
  • Nominating Committee:  Immediate Past-president (chair); current President, one other voting member of the Society

Key Organizational Dates

  • Director/officer nominations submitted by Nominating Committee - October 1
  • Ballot confirmed by board no later than November 1
  • Election takes place before January 1
  • Terms of office begin on January 1 (except resident delegate, if one is appointed, which is July 1)

Policies and Procedures

From time to time, the IDS board of directors may adopt various policies and procedures that may affect members or other interested parties.  CLICK HERE to view the policies adopted by the board.

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