IDS and ISMS Group Membership

July 23, 2018

The leadership of the Illinois Dermatological Society is pleased to announce  a new benefit of membership in the IDS and the Chicago Dermatological Society.  Following a year of planning and negotiation, dermatology will be the first specialty to take advantage of a new program that offers combined membership in the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) for all IDS members.

Q & A

  • Do I need to do anything extra to take advantage of this offer?
    • No . . .  All IDS members are automatically included in the ISMS group membership.  IDS will pay your state medical society dues on your behalf.
  • When does my ISMS membership begin?
    • Although this program officially begins with the 2019 calendar year, ISMS has agreed to begin offering state medical society benefits to dermatologists in our group membership as soon as the group is activated this fall.  Thus, you will have access to ISMS services this year, and throughout 2019.
  • I'm already an ISMS member.  How does this affect me?
    • Your membership in ISMS will continue, as usual.  However, as an IDS member, your dues will be paid automatically by us.  You won't receive a separate invoice from the state medical society.
  • Previously, doctors had to be a member of their county medical society in order to belong to ISMS.  Is that still the case?
    • Beginning in 2019, ISMS changed their rules so that county medical society membership is not a requirement join the state medical society.  We certainly encourage doctors to participate at the county level, but you are no longer required to do so.
  • I am an out of state member of the Chicago Dermatological Society.  Am I included in the ISMS group membership?
    • If you live/practice outside of Illinois but belong to the CDS, you will not be part of the state medical society group.  And as in the past, out-of-state dermatologist participation in IDS is optional.
  • I'm retired. Does this change anything for me?  What if I have Emeritus status with ISMS; will I have to pay anything extra?
    • No.  You can continue to be a Retired or Emeritus member of IDS and CDS, and you also will be an ISMS member in the state category.  Members who are retired do not pay dues to either organization.  ISMS Emeritus members already do not pay state medical society dues, and that will continue.

Additional Information

ISMS has prepared fliers that highlights some of the benefits resulting from membership in the state medical society . . .
     For current ISMS members
     For dermatologists new to ISMS


Contact the Illinois Dermatological Society if you have any questions about the dermatology group membership.

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